samedi 7 février 2015

Blue kaftan

blue kaftan

 blue kaftan :

What a beautiful luxury caftan which was appeared in a Moroccan caftan show in France, Belgium and the Festival of Marrakech. 
Traditional Moroccan caftan with lots of ornament and pearl which covers most of the game, including the environment contains three pieces of harmonious and transparent floral ornaments, also a matching belt with our Moroccan caftan hundred percent. 
Moroccan caftan 2015 created by super pro stylist with experience in the manufacture of caftanique models he used his immagination to produce this beautiful caftan 2015.

mardi 3 février 2015

kaftan high tissu

kaftan high tissu

kaftan high tissu :

 Ladies and Miss here you will find Design for women and girls who like to have a luxurious Moroccan caftan, splendid, wearing huge international, in fact today we present to you a Moroccan caftan 2015 best design on the occasion of the entry of 2015, we assure you that you will see lots of Moroccan caftans with a large collection and patterns, we inform you that we will improve our service to eliminate the mistakes in 2014, even a few small errors in manufacturing and design.
the Moroccan caftan today among the models we have hidden to surprise you with a fun caftan, high range.

vendredi 16 janvier 2015

Snow white kaftan luxurious 2015

Snow white kaftan luxurious 2015

Snow white kaftan luxurious 2015 :

A superb Moroccan kaftan for fans of caftan 2015 presented by laila hadiwi our beloved model who has masturbated scenes of kaftan throughout the world.
Impeccable size to present the true face of the Moroccan kaftan, knowing a great reputation in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Maghreb countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and some Gulf countries.
Kaftan 2015 satin silk white, well decorated at the chest shaping a pure chain skali and midsize akkad, parts of the 2015 kaftan collected by a high quality sfifa handmade of malm's designers have quite clever gold hands to produce this kind luxury kaftan.
Our shop is the best talking on the fame, reputation, and the quality of our products, for more info leave messages or comments, it makes us happy to answer thank you.

Moroccan caftan couture wedding

Moroccan caftan couture wedding

Moroccan kaftan couture wedding :

Today we will presente beautiful kaftan 2015  for women and girls who covet to have a luxurious Moroccan kaftan, a prestigious, international wearing huge, in fact today was a Moroccan kaftan 2015 is the most beautiful design, the occasion of the entry of the year 2015, we assure you that you will see pretty full and full of Moroccan kaftans with great grounds, we inform you that we will improve our services, then we eliminate errors committed in 2015, talking about some small errors in manufacture and design.

The Moroccan caftan today is among the designs we have hidden past year to surprise you with a high-end caftan fun to see this design of kaftan thank you.

Exceptionally ornate Moroccan kaftan


Exceptionally ornate Moroccan kaftan :

Our Moroccan kaftan shop offers a collection of modern kaftans, chic and sophisticated who still make you more elegant all time...

Fine fabrics and quality, trendy cuts, avant-garde, unique creations designed by our stylist only for you, all assets to sublimate you on all occasions ...

Become a Shérazade of modern times and have a choice of what you are going to wear to be the best time for an evening ...



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